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“ Our mission is to provide the highest standards of individually planned, intensive, rehabilitation services for sick and injured, serving and retired police officers”


Flint HouseUnfortunately 9 out of 10 officers are likely to receive an injury during their service, and year on year the Police Rehabilitation Centre, Flint House, admits increasing numbers of officers year on year for intensive treatment and care. More than 3000 officers, a new record, were admitted in 2007.

The Centre is located at Flint House in Goring-on Thames where it has developed both its facilities and treatment to assist officers in returning to duty.

Treatments include: Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Stress Counselling, General nursing Care, Acupuncture, Health Classes, Sleep relaxation, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic massage.




1. You may only attend if you were injured on duty –WRONG!

(You may attend regardless of how or where your injury or illness was sustained)

2. You must have a serious injury – WRONG!

If the problem is keeping you off work or causing you discomfort whilst at work then you should consider attending Flint House.

3. My force must decide whether I need to attend – WRONG!

(Flint House is a registered charity, not a part of the police service; we only need your doctor to provide your medical details on the application form and someone at your force i.e. JBB Secretary, Force M.O. or Welfare Officer/Occupational Heath representative, to confirm whether or not you regularly contribute to the charity and that you are a serving police officer or retired officer in receipt of a full pension)

4. It’s only for retired officers – WRONG!

85% – 90% of admissions are for our first priority – SERVING OFFICERS

5. The Centre only offers physiotherapy – WRONG!

Although we offer the most sophisticated physiotherapy and rehabilitation service you are likely to receive we also provide effective psychological support and general nursing and convalescent care, help with drug and alcohol problems, acupuncture and a number of complementary therapy


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Flint House Latest Updates

Dear all, 

All applications already in the pipeline will be dealt with as normal & treatment spaces allocated.

Any forms we have received from 14th December 2016 will be returned to the patient along with a covering letter. We will signpost the patient to various websites & organisations which may help them in the interim.

“The Centre has recently experienced an increasing amount of applications for psychological support which has resulted in an ever growing waiting list. It is an aim of The Police Rehabilitation Service is to offer support in a timely fashion. The current waiting list is such that we are unable do this.The Clinical Director, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer, has made the decision to temporarily suspend the acceptance of applications for the foreseeable future. We are therefore unable to accept  applications to attend The Police Rehabilitation Centre for psychological support at this time. For further information about when we will be able to resume accepting applications please visit this website for updates.”

 We regret having to take this decision, however, in order to treat our patients safely it has been deemed necessary.

 Kind Regards

 Debbie Homes

Administration Manager


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