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To keep you up to date with current issues within the Federation and the wider police family, we will provide news items, circulars and information on current issues on a regular basis.

bullet point    Compulsory Severance
bullet point    2015 PFEW Pay and Morale Survey
bullet point    20th Police Bravery Awards to honour this year’s bravest officers
bullet point    Tears and laughter as fallen police officers remembered
bullet point    Employment Appeal Tribunal
bullet point    Posthumous award for PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone
bullet point    Enough is enough: Cuts have consequences
bullet point    Federation Press Watch 19 May 2015
bullet point    Mental Health Foundations “Mental Health Awareness Week”
bullet point    Police officer numbers at lowest level for 12 years
bullet point    JBB Circular – CICA
bullet point    An open letter on the industrial rights ballot from Chair-elect Steve Williams
bullet point    YouTube – British Police Video – Pay, Conditions, Pensions
bullet point    Letter to Home Sec from Ian Rennie re increase to member pension contributions
bullet point    Letter to Home Sec from Ian Rennie re Determinations
bullet point    The True Meaning of Independence Has Been Lost
bullet point    Attacked Because Her Daddy is a Cop
bullet point    NHS privatisation: Compilation of financial and vested interests
bullet point    Operation Encompass Supporting children through key adults
bullet point    Federation response to Government- Winsor 2
bullet point    Joint Letter to the Police Authority Members
bullet point    Letter to the Police Authority – Budget 2012/13
bullet point    e-Petition – The Case to Protect Police Pensions
bullet point    Government’s Annoucement on Public Sector Pensions
bullet point    Police Federation welcomes Labour’s review of policing
bullet point    Police Federation of England & Wales Urges Liberal Democrats to Keep Their Promise
bullet point    Response to Police Service Could Learn From Argos Comments
bullet point    Police Federation Open Letter to Public
bullet point    Police Federation Reaction to PM’s Speech on Policing
bullet point    Pension Update from the High Pay Comission
bullet point    Federation Reaction to Tottenham Disturbance
bullet point    PNB registers failure to agree on police pay proposals
bullet point    Ian Rennie – Statement to the PNB Full Board
bullet point    Adapting to Austerity Report
bullet point    The Review of Policing
bullet point    HMIC Leading From The Frontline Report
bullet point    Live Broadcast – Open Meeting at Westminster on Wednesday 13th July
bullet point    Police Federation hosts ‘Day of Action’
bullet point    Britain’s Bravest Cops
bullet point    Federation lozenge soothes ACPO’s laryngitis
bullet point    New website –
bullet point    Police Bravery Awards 2011 – brochure
bullet point    Survey reveals police in Devon and Cornwall fear cuts will result in poor public service and increased crime

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