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Results are out for the Pay & Moral survey

//Results are out for the Pay & Moral survey

Results are out for the Pay & Moral survey

Devon & Cornwall officers respond to Police Federation’s latest Pay and Morale Survey

New research conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales reveals that more police officers than ever before are seriously concerned about their finances.

In Devon & Cornwall, 45% said they worry about money either every day or almost every day. 25% of officers in Devon & Cornwall said they didn’t have enough money to cover all of their essentials every month or almost every month. A concerning 11% reported that they never or almost never had enough money to cover their monthly essentials.

The vast majority of respondents in Devon & Cornwall, 88%, did not feel fairly paid considering the stresses and strains of their job. In addition 75% said their pay and pension arrangements had a negative impact on their morale.
Over a fifth of the Federation’s membership – 19,654 – took part nationally in the survey, which ran between June and August this year. The findings provide vital evidence to inform our work on pay and conditions.

Inspector Andrew Berry, Chair of Devon & Cornwall Police Federation says…. “This research must shock whoever forms the next government into action. Everyday police officers in Devon and Cornwall go to work to protect and serve the public to the best of their ability putting themselves in harm’s way. Over the last 12 month there have been 882 assaults on Police Officers and together with the daily stress and trauma at work it is scandalous that they are being put in the position where they are dealing with additional anxiety caused by money worries when they get home. Our members must be paid fairly for the difficult job they do and should not be put in the unforgivable position of having to worry how they will make ends meet. The next government must take action to re-dress up the 18% real-term cut in Officers pay caused by below inflation pay rises since 2010.”

Devon & Cornwall Police Federation understand the financial pressure that officers are under and as part of our priority to support officer’s welfare we have delivered presentations on managing personal finances to over 600 members this year. Of course, one of the easier ways to help boost wellbeing is by boosting the pay in officers’ pockets.

“These figures give a real sense of the struggles and frustrations facing my members, but despite feeling undervalued and underpaid most are still proud to be police officers. This is typical of those who do this extraordinary job, and something appreciated by the public. It now needs to be appreciated by those will control the Government purse strings. My members have experienced years of austerity; they have seen police office numbers fall by over 500 in this force and they continue to face rocketing demand. In real terms they are working harder for less pay. They deserve better and we will continue to do all we can to ensure they get it,” concluded Andrew Berry.

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